London Black Mistress

Welcome to my world of BDSM and Fetishism, I am Domina Dionne Mistress of Mayhem.

I first started working as a Pro DOM a number of years ago after I became interested in the lifestyle and I have been independent as Dominatrix over 5 years.

Domination - it is about taking control of a person or situation by any of several means: Physical, Mental, Financial etc. as long as slave/other person consents to it. The consent is a vital element in all psychological play and can be granted in many ways in my dungeon wearing of a collar denote your status and commitment.

Dominance/submission - Dom takes pleasure or erotic enjoyment out of dominating submissive. In BDSM relationship the dominance relationship the power to make decisions and give others in consensual dominance by coercion or force to the victim. An interest in BDSM is a peraphillia and as such the stimulus that brings on sexual arousal in an individual will vary from person to person - such as objectivation and sexual humiliation will be a huge turn on whilst the thought of being caned by a Dom does nothing to them at all while the reverse might be the case.

Compliance is an acceptance that even though something may not make sense at the time, even though it may be convenient or difficult; it is something that should be done simply because it is asked or commanded/expected/required.

A genuine sadistic fetishist I derive extreme pleasure from pushing limits and buttons.

I believe the greatest gift a woman can possess her femininity and to use it to her advantage - I am a lady and demand to be treated as such. I have the power to shape our consciousness inspired by fantasy to create a diversity to demonstrate a positive and exciting conclusion.

Mistress has the ability to initiate and inspirare slaves during the interview process and during the actual practice. I like being depicted in a way that shows my strength, my body, my sensuality my artistic interestin BDSM as a strong minded woman of colour.

I have been training lots of slaves and together I actively engage in the fine arts and elegant fetish scene in the spirit of collaboration offering my experience, skill, talent and the opportunity to be part of the process. I would like to learn more from novices with whom to promote the concept of slave diversity and encourage them to emerge from their closet.

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